Auxin Biosynthesis

Whole-gene recombineering fusions of auxin and shikimate biosynthesis genes

For more details check our manuscript in BioRxiv


CUE1 At5g33320 (ABRC stocks: At5g33320-Venus CS67179, CS67180)DAHPS1 At4g39980 (ABRC stocks: At4g39980-Ypet CS67190, CS67191) DAHP like At1g22410 (ABRC stocks: At1g22410-Ypet CS67207, CS67208) DAHPS2 At4g33510 (ABRC stock: At4g33510-Ypet  CS67231) DHQS At5g66120 (ABRC stocks: At5g66120-3xYpet CS69559, CS69560) DHQS At3g06350 (ABRC stocks: At3g06350-Ypet CS67232, CS67233) SK1 At2g21940 (ABRC stock: At2g21940-3xYpet CS69561) SK2 At4g39540 (ABRC stocks: At4g39540-Ypet CS67209, CS67210) EPSPS At2g45300 (ABRC stocks: At2g45300-Ypet CS67197, CS67198) EPSPS like At1g48860 (ABRC stocks At1g48860-Ypet CS67221, CS67222) CS1 At1g48850 (ABRC stocks: At1g48850-Ypet CS67219, CS67220) ASA1 At5g05730 (ABRC stocks: At5g05730-Ypet CS67213, CS67214) ASA2 At2g29690 (ABRC stocks At2g29690-Ypet CS67227, CS67228) ASB1 At1g25220 (ABRC stocks At1g25220-Ypet CS67194, CS67195) ASB like At5g57890 (ABRC stocks At5g57890-Ypet CS67229 CS67230)

PAT1 At5g16990 (ABRC stocks: At5g1699-Ypet CS67211, CS67212)

PAT At1g70570 (ABRC stocks: At1g70570-Ypet CS67215, CS67216) PAI2 At5g05590 (ABRC stocks: At5g05590-3xYpet CS69575, CS69576) IGPS At2g04400 (ABRC stocks: At2g04400-Ypet CS67223, CS67224) IGPS At5g48220 (ABRC stocks: At5g48220-3xYpet CS69577, CS69578) TSA1 At3g54640 (ABRC stocks: At3g54640-Ypet CS67192, CS67193) TSB1 At5g54810 (ABRC stocks: At5g54810-Ypet CS67199, CS67200) TSB2 At4g27070 (ABRC stocks: At4g27070-Ypet CS67225, CS67226) UGT74B1 At1g24100 (ABRC stocks: At1g24100-3xYpet CS69581, CS69582) CM1 At3g29200 (ABRC stocks: At3g29200-3xYpet CS69563, CS69564) CM3 At1g69370 (ABRC stocks: At1g69370-3xYpet CS69565, CS69566) TyrA1 At5g34930 (ABRC stocks: At5g34930-3xYpet CS69567, CS69568) TyrA2 At1g15710 (ABRC stocks: At1g15710-Ypet CS67201, CS67202) ADT1 At1g11790 (ABRC stocks: At1g11790-3xYpet CS69569, CS69570) ADT2 At3g07630 (ABRC stock: At3g07630-Ypet CS67218) ADT4 At3g44720 (ABRC stocks: At3g44720-3xYpet CS69573, CS69574)


TAA1 At1g70560 (ABRC stocks: GFP-At1g70560 CS16432, CS16433, GUS-At1g70560 CS72245,


TAR1 At1g23320 (ABRC stocks: GUS-At1g23320 CS72247)

TAR2 At4g24670 (ABRC stocks: GUS-At4g24670 CS72248, CS72249)

YUCCA1 At4g32540 (ABRC stocks: At4g32540-GUS CS72250, CS72251)

YUCCA2 At4g13260 (ABRC stocks: At4g13260-GUS CS72252, CS72253)

YUCCA3 At1g04610 (ABRC stocks: At1g04610-GUS CS72254, CS72255)

YUCCA4 At5g11320 (ABRC stocks: At5g11320-GUS CS72256, CS72257)

YUCCA5 At5g43890 (ABRC stocks: At5g43890-GUS CS72258, CS72259)

YUCCA6 At5g25620 (ABRC stocks: At5g25620-GUS CS72260, CS72261)

YUCCA7 At2g33230 (ABRC stocks: At2g33230-GUS CS72262, CS72263)

YUCCA8 At4g28720 (ABRC stocks: At4g28720-GUS CS72264, CS72265)

YUCCA9 At1g04180 (ABRC stocks: At1g04180-GUS CS72266, CS72267)

YUCCA10 At1g48910 (ABRC stocks: At1g48910-GUS CS72268, CS72269)

YUCCA11 At2g21430 (ABRC stocks: At2g21430-GUS CS72270, CS72271)