Module A. Wilting

(Level of difficulty *)

Question: What happens to a plant without of water?

Materials you will need:
•2 empty rinsed plastic yogurt containers or single-use cups (any size)
•A zip-lock bag
•Water (tap water is fine)
•Leaves or flowers of indoor or outdoor plants

•Using scissors, carefully cut 3 or more green leaves or fresh flowers from a plant
•Place one leaf or flower in a cup filled with water
•Place the second leaf or flower in an empty cup
•Place the third leaf or flower in a zip-lock bag and tightly close it
•Put all three leaves/flowers in a bright sunny place (a windowsill)
•Observe what happens to the plant parts over time

Helpful hints and suggestions:
•When you collect leaves or flowers, it is a good idea to cut them with a stalk (have an adult help you if you are unsure)
•You may want to put multiple leaves or flowers in the same cup or plastic bag

Expected results:
•Leaves and flowers kept without water will wilt fast (within hours)
•Leaves and flowers placed in a cup of water will survive the longest
•Leaves and flowers placed in a plastic bag will wilt slowly

Follow-up questions:
•Why do you think plants left without water wilt?
•Why do you think plants kept in a plastic bag wilt slower than the ones in an open dry cup?
•What happens if you forget to water your houseplants?
•Why do you think plants need water?